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Living in Hurst Texas | Full Vlog Tour of Hurst Texas


Thinking about moving to Hurst Texas? It’s a crazy market in Hurst Texas, but we’ll show you around and show you how you can get into this exclusive market!
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Living in Hurst, Texas is a lot of fun, but the housing here is pretty limited! Today, we’ll take you through Hurst, Texas, show you everything there is to do in the area, and show you what kinds of homes are available in this small community.

There are some great homes here, but they get snatched up fast, so be sure to stick around until the end, where we’ll reveal to you one of the secrets we have to getting into this exclusive little community.

Hurst is nestled between Arlington and Dallas, and it’s a really nice spot to live. There is a lot of established vegetation and plenty of green to see for miles and miles. It’s definitely serene, and all the while, there are TONS of great things, like Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Putt-Putt, and more, all in this small little town. So if you manage to grab a home in this spot, you’ll have a hard time running out of things to do, especially in the Summer time!

One thing to keep in mind during this hectic time in the housing market is that getting a hold of us now is CRUCIAL, especially when it comes to Hurst, because homes are literally staying on the market here for 28 days or less – that’s INSANE. Also, there haven’t been any price reductions, so things are competitive here. If you have questions about moving down to Hurst, or any other towns and cities near Fort Worth, be sure to reach out to us. We can help you get that house, even in this crazy market!
00:00 – Intro to Hurst, Texas
07:22 – House #1
10:44 – House #2
17:12 – House #3
18:51 – Market Recap
26:57 – Drive Through Hurst, Texas With Us!
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