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Las Vegas Baseball Stadium Approved • This Week in Gambling


After a lot of back-and-forth and a few tense days, the Las Vegas baseball stadium deal was finally approved by the Nevada Legislature. This means that part of the $1.5 billion project will come from public funding, although the Governor still has to sign the bill and MLB still has to approve the team move.

After making minor alterations to the bill that had previously received a 13-8 vote of approval in the Senate on Tuesday, the State Assembly passed the final version of the legislation, which allocated $380 million in taxpayer funds fora new Las Vegas baseball stadium. The Assembly vote resulted in a 25-15 outcome.

With no deliberation, the Senate accepted the amendments through a voice vote on Wednesday night. Subsequently, the bill was swiftly transmitted to the governor’s desk as an “emergency measure” enacted during the special legislative session that commenced on June 7, with Democratic majorities present in both houses. The stadium spending plan had been initially proposed by Republican Governor Joe Lombardo.

The Nevada plan rekindled the nationwide discussion regarding public funding for privately owned sports clubs. Representatives of the A’s, along with certain Nevada tourism officials, have asserted that the measure has the potential to contribute to the flourishing sports landscape in Las Vegas and serve as an economic catalyst.

The governor’s office did not immediately respond to The Associated Press’ requests for comments on Wednesday night. In a statement issued by the team, the A’s expressed their anticipation of Governor Lombardo’s signature securing the Las Vegas baseball stadium as the next crucial step in their endeavors to relocate the Athletics franchise to the city.