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Kublai Khan TX – Theory of Mind (Official Music Video)


Kublai Khan TX’s new single “Theory Of Mind” is out now. Buy/stream at

“Theory Of Mind” produced by Randy Leboeuf.
Video directed by Jack Rudder.

Monkey see Monkey do
So who the fuck made you
It feels like a thousand years since I fell in love
But when the push comes to shove
Love will never be enough
Time to call your bluff
Cut the shit and readjust
Love will never be enough
Letting go is tough
Holding on is just as rough
When you’re cold to the touch
How much can a heart take
Before a heart breaks
Attain a gaze I can’t sustain while I’m
Just playin the same damn game
Til I run away
At a single drop of rain
Drop it
You do what you can
And I’ll bring the big sorrow
Push it
To the edge
Forge a crown from the meltdown
Play the game
Say my name bitch
No Queen and no offspring
All hail the endling
Let your balls swing
It’s all the same
Time to let go
Time to cut the cord
When love runs it’s course
Foolish for no one
Monkey bleeds monkey lose
Trying so hard to just take this ache away
And build a better place where we belong
Instead I put my head through the walls
Love will never be
Fuck what I say
Never here to stay
Just a bunch of bullshit to take the pain away
Temporary fix focused on the outside
While the soft bits left rot away on the inside
Fuck that

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