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Best Things to Do in El Paso, Texas


El Paso, Texas, in the western part of the Lone Star State, is a remarkable mix of Old West culture and Spanish mission-style structures. This area is great for families because there are many kid-friendly activities to choose from. In addition to a vibrant market and art scene, the neighborhood is home to a number of fascinating museums and parks.

▬Contents of this video▬
00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Explore Fort Bliss and Ironsides Museums
01:16 – Enjoy the Weekend at the Downtown Artist and Farmer’s Market
01:59 – Visit the National Border Patrol Museum
02:47 – Explore Franklin Mountains State Park
03:31 – Treat Yourself to a Moment at El Paso Museum of Art
04:11 – Enjoy the Scenery at Municipal Rose Garden
04:46 – Visit Hueco Tanks State Historic Site
05:44 – Take Part in the Viva El Paso Celebration
06:27 – Explore Keystone Heritage Park and Botanical Gardens
07:03 – Learn Some History at the El Paso Mission Trial
07:50 – Visit The Centennial Museum and the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens
08:38 – Outro

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All aspects of life in the city, from the deliciously spicy food to the abundance of cultural attractions, bear the stamp of Mexico’s cultural impact. According to 2015 estimates, El Paso is home to roughly 700,000. This fascinating metropolis is surrounded by breathtaking deserts and an abundance of vegetation and fauna.

One of the best things to do in El Paso is to enjoy the scenery at Municipal Rose Garden. The Municipal Rose Garden is one of the best places to explore in El Paso. The garden’s 1460 rose bushes are home to more than 320 different scented roses, with more being introduced each year after being vetted for their capacity to thrive in the local environment. Benches are scattered around the garden so visitors can rest and relax, eat lunch, or simply take in the scenery. Another interesting of the best thing to do in El Paso is to take part in the Viva El Paso celebration. El Paso’s rich cultural history is celebrated via drama, dance, and songs in the annual returning musical Viva! El Paso. It’s great fun for the whole family and a great way to spend time together. If you intend to enjoy as much of El Paso then it is ideal to stay for at least a week. The city is filled with so many to see, do and eat. Hike lovers would also love this city due to its numerous hiking trails.

Best Things to Do in El Paso, Texas


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