“Walked around the corner, there she was. And zing went the…

by TexasDigitalMagazine.com

“Walked around the corner, there she was. And zing went the string of my heart. Zing! I said: ‘I gotta catch up with that girl,’ and I never did let her slip. There was a big song on the radio back then, about gettin’ married. Everybody was singing it, something about: ‘When we get married, we gonna have a celebration.’ You keep hearing it every day, and you wanna try it too. Never thought it would last this long. It’s been a good ride though. Everybody has a little bump here and there. We had our arguments, and I ain’t never did win one. Ain’t no man ever gonna win when it comes down to arguing with your wife. You could be married for a hundred years, she’s gonna have the last word. So no need to get your mouth all rolled up. Don’t stand there arguing and cursing. Just listen, laugh, and let it go. Kiss her on the cheek and say: ‘you the winner.’ After that, everything will be beautiful.”

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