Solar Eclipse Viewing Preparations, Weather: Latest Updates


Tomer Burg, a PHD candidate in atmospheric science at the University of Oklahoma, is sharing the latest weather models regarding estimated cloud cover and precipitation along the path of the totality for Monday afternoon, including city-specific dashboards.

Below is the latest “ensemble mean cloud cover” model. Notes Burg, “Especially more than 2-3 days away from the eclipse, an ensemble mean won’t show the actual expected cloud cover, but rather gives an indication as to whether clear or cloudy skies are favored.” The path of the totality is between the purple lines, and the blue areas have less estimated cloud cover, and the gray areas have more (bad):

So as of early Saturday, there may end up being a lot of disappointed eclipse viewers in Texas and western New York State, while people in the midwest and northern New England may luck out. Here’s the current estimated outlook for Rochester, New York, per Burg’s site, as one example:

And here’s Burlington, Vermont:

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