The Most Confusing Emojis in the World [Infographic]


This may be the best encapsulation of “am I getting old?” in an infographic that I’ve ever seen.

The team from Wordtips recently conducted an analysis of the most commonly searched emojis on Google, along with “meaning.” So these are the emojis that people find the most confusing, and have to turn to Google to try and understand what they actually represent.

Which is, like, the oldest old person thing, but then again, a lot of these emojis are confusing, and in no way am I claiming that I’m in touch enough to understand them all either.

Though I may also be outing myself as an old person. In any event, here’s a look at the most commonly misunderstood emojis.

Maybe lay off them if you’re sending a message to anyone over 35, or looking to use them in your post copy.

Confusing emojis

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