Extra Strong Fart Spray Just $9.99 on Amazon (Clear A Room In Less Than A Minute!)

by TexasDigitalMagazine.com

We found the ultimate prankster’s accessory — extra strong fart spray!

A bottle of fart spray in the bathroom

Fart spray is one item that every prankster needs in their back pocket and we may have just found the smelliest one! Hurry on over to Amazon where you can scoop up a bottle of Extra Strong Prank Fart Spray for just $9.99.

All you need is one or two pumps to turn a room into The Bog of Eternal Stench. Revel in the chaos as your friends, family members, and/or coworkers try to figure out who cut the cheese!

Here’s where to buy this foul-smelling fart spray…

The benefits of fart spray

Though it’s described as “non-toxic,” this little bottle is practically lethal. ☠️ 😈

You won’t believe the pungent, foul smell that is hiding inside! Customers compare the putrid aroma to that of rancid sewage, a pig pen, and dirty diapers. 🤢

At the opportune moment, give your bottle a spritz and wait for the gag-worthy smell to envelop everyone’s senses. You’ll clear the room in less than a minute!

Each bottle has around 100 sprays so you can suffocate your loved ones with the stench of farts time and time again!

One thing is for sure, this gag-worthy spray is one prank your crew won’t soon forget!

Just watch Collin’s hilarious reaction…

Collin using fart spray from Amazon

These Amazon pranksters also rank this fart spray five stars…

“Did your boss piss you off today? Did your co-worker take your drink from the office fridge? Did your spouse crop-dust you recently? If you answered yes, buy this! Spray and RUNNNN! This stuff is nasty business you don’t want to stick around for. However, use at your own caution, you might get yourself fired!”

“Since I’m [claustrophobic], this spray became very useful in dispersing people when I did not want them around. I made a label for spray that said “ hand sanitizer” and left it on my office desk. Within the day I quickly found out who had tried to use it on their hands. Elevators are the best, right when you get off, spray a little behind you!! I love this stuff! It’s like someone bottled up actual poo and liquefied it!!”

“Spray definitely stinks, caution using it in tight spaces ,however. Used it in an elevator and it was rank the rest of the day! Hilarious way to make work more enjoyable, I know I had my fun!”

“Got this to prank my husband and he thought something was wrong with my stomach! He was gagging and almost threw up! Worked like a charm.”

“Great for pranking the kids! Doesn’t smell like any of the kids farts but definitely a fowl smell! I had them gagging 😂”

“This stuff smells like you need to check your underwear because something is wrong. Horrible smell, definitely don’t need much and you’ll be gagging for fresh air.”

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