X Tests New Search Filters for Hiring

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X (formerly Twitter) continues to refine its X Hiring elements, with the platform currently working on new job level filters, along with other search parameters to streamline discovery.

X job filters

As you can see in this example, posted by Doge Designer (based on a finding by Nima Owji), X is adding role seniority filters, along with company name search, role type (remote or on-site), and more.

The filters will bring X Hiring more into line with LinkedIn, and other job posting sites, enabling more relevant discovery within the app.

Which is an important focus, because X Hiring has emerged as one of the most successful additions to the platform under Elon Musk, with over a million open roles now being displayed in the app.

X first launched job listings on business profiles in August last year, as part of its top-tier Verification for Organizations packagewhich costs $1,000 per month. It’s since made job postings available in all of its X Premium packages (while also offering a lower-priced version of its Verification for Organizations option), and in January, it also made job listings available on personal profiles for X Premium subscribers in the U.S. as well.

Given that X Premium and Verification for Business sign-ups are still relatively low versus overall users (it’s estimated that fewer than 1% of accounts are paying for a subscription), that’s a strong result, which shows that there is significant interest in posting roles to the app, where many people are making professional connections already.

The next logical step then will be job ads, which would provide another revenue stream for the platform. Which is important, because many advertisers are still hesitant to resume their X campaigns due to the rise of angst and division in the app, facilitated by Elon Musk’s more open policies on content.

Elon’s determined to push ahead with his “free speech” agenda, which means allowing more harmful and offensive content to remain active in the app, which has spooked many brands who don’t want to risk negative association.

As such, X is still looking for new income streams, and may have found a good opportunity in X Hiring.

It’s still ironing out the details, but it does look to be an area of potential moving forward.

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