Truth Social Crash, Snapchat Filters


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Liveblogging is harder than it looks. And these days, even Twitter can’t broadcast live political events without embarrassing glitches. But maybe before heavily hyping his “play-by-play” response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Donald Trump should have made sure that Truth Social could handle the traffic — and that he actually had something interesting to say.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump said he’d provide live speech commentary on his troubled social-media site, which he called “THE REAL VOICE OF AMERICA!”

But just as Biden’s speech started, Truth Social came crashing down, as the Daily Beast noted:

Beginning shortly before 9 p.m. EST Thursday, outages numbered in the thousands, according to Downdetector. The outages peaked an hour later and then began to slowly resume back to normal, according to the monitor.

Those who were able to see Trump’s posts didn’t find anything new or interesting … until he responded to Biden’s repeated jabs with a montage featuring goofy Snapchat filters. Here’s what you missed last night if you weren’t following along on Truth Social (or the X account that mirrors his feed).

Even TMZ called Trump’s response “sophomoric,” noting that the footage in this video was old: “Strangely enough, the 27-second clip DT uploaded to Truth Social used footage from Biden’s SOTU address last year … none from this year, which was weird.”

It seems Trump would now like to distance himself from this goofy video, which was also posted to his Instagram. The New York Times reported, “Mr. Trump had assistance with his social media Thursday night and did not make the posts himself, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

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