Riot Games’ Project L Now Named 2XKO, Launching in 2025



Two of 2XKO's playable characters, Yasuo and Darius.

Image: Riot Games

Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game set in the world of League of Legends finally has a proper name and it’s um…2XKO. Yeah, that clears things right up.

Formerly known as Project L (y’know, in reference to its connection to League of Legends), 2XKO is Riot’s first foray into the fighting game genre. A 2v2 tag-fighter, 2XKO has been shown around the fighting game community (known colloquially as the FGC) since its announcement back in 2021, and even made a playable appearance at EVO last year. It is also one of Riot’s multiple projects set to build upon and flesh out the universe surrounding its premiere property, League of Legends, which includes the titles from the now-shuttered Riot Forge, a still unseen MMO, and of course, Netflix’s hit animated show, Arcane.


Today’s announcement comes with a slew of updates, including a word on the growing team, a working roadmap, and a launch window for 2XKO. According to 2XKO’s executive producer Tom Cannon, the team working on the game has “grown significantly” since the last update provided, and though there’s still “a lot of game left to build,” development on the title has come far enough for the team to feel confident talking about 2XKO in a more official capacity.

Cannon also announced that Riot will be taking the game on the road throughout 2024, appearing at shows around the world to get it in the hands of the FGC for feedback. EVO Japan in April will be among the first stops, but Cannon made sure to emphasize that this won’t be the only opportunity for hands-on time with 2XKO. For fans who can’t make it to an event anytime soon, Cannon stressed that the development team will be sharing updates on 2XKO across its newly branded social channels, and teased that “at-home playtesting” is likely in the cards for later this year.

According to Cannon, this roadmap will culminate in 2XKO launching on an unspecified date in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Until one of these playable, in-person events comes around, players who want to get in on the action can sign up for upcoming playtests on the official 2XKO website.


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