Suicide Squad’s Next Playable Character Was Just Leaked


An image shows Harley Quinn looking nervous.

Screenshot: Rocksteady / WB Games

While playing WB Games’ new co-op shooter, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, a player was knocked down by enemies mid-fight. They then heard something that they were probably not meant to hear: the name of the game’s next playable character. And you can’t blame dataminers or leakers for this slip-up. Instead, it’s all villain Brainiac’s fault.

Launched earlier this month, Suicide Squad is the latest game from Rocksteady, the developers behind the popular Batman: Arkham series. In our review of the recently released online co-op looter shooter—which features DC villains like Harley Quinn and Deadshot teaming up to stop an alien invasion—we explained that Suicide Squad’s combat is fantastic and its narrative is engaging. But sadly, there’s not much to do in this open-world live-service shooter, and its ending (and endgame) are currently rather disappointing. But more content is coming, including new playable characters, one of which just leaked a little early.

As spotted by PC Gamer, a recent Reddit post on the Suicide Squad subreddit shows a short gameplay clip of someone playing as Harley Quinn. The person playing gets knocked down and needs to be revived. At this point, Brainiac—who eventually starts talking to players once they reach the end of the main game—starts to insult Harley. Well, he tries. But instead, he says: “I didn’t expect you to be the weak link in this chain, Freeze.”

Brainiac is (accidentally) referencing Mr. Freeze, a famous Batman villain who has appeared in the Arkham games before. While we already knew that The Joker was coming to the game in its first season, Rocksteady had not yet revealed who the next playable characters would be, likely wanting to tease them over time. But based on the roadmap the studio put out ahead of Suicide Squad’s release—which shows an icy world and character silhouette—it seems likely that Freeze (probably an alternate universe version of the villain) will be added to the shooter in season two. Poor Brainiac. I hope he doesn’t get fired for this blunder.


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