Einstein’s 7 rules for a better life | by Ethan Siegel | Starts With A Bang! | Jan, 2024

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Einstein, shown here at a Princeton luncheon in 1953, was not only a physics genius and global celebrity, but a kind and just man who was generous with his advice, time, and lessons for those who were willing to listen. (Credit: Ruth Orkin)

The most celebrated genius in human history didn’t just revolutionize physics, but taught many valuable lessons about living a better life.

When it comes to living your best life, Albert Einstein — notorious as the greatest physicist and genius of his time, and possibly of all-time — probably isn’t the first name you think of in terms of life advice. You most likely know of Einstein as a pioneer in revolutionizing how we perceive the Universe, having given us advances such as:

  • the constancy of the speed of light,
  • the fact that distances and times are not absolute, but relative for each and every observer,
  • his most famous equation, ,
  • the photoelectric effect,
  • the theory of gravity, General Relativity, that overthrew Newtonian gravity,
  • and Einstein-Rosen bridges, or as they’re better known, wormholes.

But Einstein was more than just a famous physicist: he was a pacifist, a political activist, an active anti-racist, and one of the most iconic and celebrated figures in all of history.

He was also known for his unconventional behavior in a variety of ways that flouted social norms, including his unkempt hair, his witty humor, and his unrelenting hatred of socks. But less well-known is Einstein’s freely-given life advice to many of his friends, acquaintances, and contemporaries, which are perhaps even more relevant today, in the 21st century, than when he initially doled out his words of wisdom and compassion. Taken from the book The Einstein Effect, written by the official social media manager of the Einstein estate, Benyamin Cohen, these rules for a better life go far beyond physics and are relevant to us all. Here are, perhaps, the best and most universally applicable lessons from Einstein himself.

Einstein, shown here in 1940 receiving American Citizenship, was known around the world for his disheveled appearance and always wearing the same few sets of clothes, perhaps even better than he was known for his scientific theories. (Credit: New York World-Telegram/Al Aumuller)

Rule #1: Expend your efforts on the things that matter.

When you think of Einstein’s appearance, the word “disheveled” may come to mind. His overgrown…

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