Fred again… repurposes Baby Keem vocals on ‘Leave me alone’ : Dancing Astronaut


Fred again.. repurposes Baby Keem vocals on ‘leavemealone’Fred

On the heels of ‘”ten,” Fred again.. has done it again. While on paper it may seem like Baby Keem, wrote and recorded vocals specifically intended for “leavemealone,” this was not the case. In classic fashion for Dancing Astronaut‘s reigning Artist of the Year, Fred again.. chopped up, re-pitched, and repurposed Baby Keem’s rap vocals from 2019’s “BULLIES” and 2021’s “South Africa.” He showcased his methodology in a promotional video posted to Instagram.

Aside from Actual Life 3 Piano EP, “leavemealone” marks his sixth standalone single released in 2023. Since kicking off the year with “RUMBLE,” the Balham-born record producer issued “Mike (desert island duvet,” “Baby again..,” “adore you,” “ten,” and now, “leavemealone.” Not to mention, Fred again.. also headlined Coachella this year, alongside Skrillex and Four Tet, and sold out hundreds of global tour dates. Stream “leavemealone,” by Fred again.. and Baby Keem, below.

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