Dairy-Free Homemade Eggnog (With or Without Alcohol)

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Eggnog is a delicious treat holiday season treat, but store-bought versions often have pasteurized eggs, tremendous amounts of sweeteners, and other additives. This traditional homemade eggnog recipe is a great source of beneficial fats, protein, spices, and optional warmth from the alcohol.

Homemade Eggnog Recipe With Coconut Milk

Eggnog can be a health food when it’s made traditionally (and you can totally make this homemade version non-alcoholic). Most eggnog recipes use whole milk and heavy cream but this one uses coconut milk for that rich, creamy taste. It has many of the benefits of coconut, especially the beneficial medium chain fatty acids. It does have a noticeable coconut flavor, but I think it tastes even better with the spiced dark rum!

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The addition of rum or brandy also makes this a keep-a-smile-on-your-face-because-the-kids-get-to-stay-up-past-midnight-on-Christmas-Eve beverage.

Eggnog from the grocery store uses pasteurized eggs to prevent salmonella poisoning, but it also destroys some of the nutrients. I’m okay with using lightly cooked eggs in this recipe because I get mine from a healthy source. If you don’t have your own coop, then look for free-range or pastured eggs from healthy hens.

How to Use the Egg Whites

Since this recipe just uses the egg yolks, you’ll have some egg whites left over. Here are a few ideas of what to do with them.

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