YouTube Music brings personalized album art to its 2023 Recap



users who have seen their and friends share their listening stats from this year can now join the party. YouTube Music Recap is now live and you can access it from the 2023 Recap page in the app. You’ll be able to see your top artists, songs, moods, genres, albums, playlists and more from 2023. There’s also the option to view your Recap in the main YouTube app, along with some other new features for 2023.

This year, you’ll be able to add custom album art. YouTube will create this using your top song and moods from the year, as well as your energy score. The platform will mash together colors, vibes and visuals to create a representation of your year in music.

YouTube Music Recap custom album art
YouTube Music

YouTube says another feature will match your mood with your top songs of the year. You might see, for instance, the percentages of songs you listened to that are classed as upbeat, fun, dancey or chill. Last but not least, you can use snaps from Google Photos to create a customized visual that sums up your year in music (and perhaps your year in travel too).

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